Summer Futsal

What: An Indoor Futsal league hosted by Auburn Soccer Association

Who: The league will house coed teams in U11, U14, U18, and 19 & up age groups

Where: All games will be played at the Boykin Center (400 Boykin Street #A)

When: The league will begin on Thursday, June 11th and run until Sunday, July 30th.  All games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 6:30 PM and Sunday afternoons beginning at 1:30 PM.

How Much: The cost will $25 per player and can be handled through the registration link above.  All payments must be made online through the registration process.

What to know for your first Futsal Game:

  1. Wear tennis shoes or indoor shoes.  You will be playing in a gym, so anything with studs is not permitted.  All players must wear shin guards and keeper must have gloves.
  2. Please check over your schedule thoroughly and make sure you notify your entire team of your game schedule.  At the top of your roster, next to your team name is the color all your teammates should wear to each game.
  3. Futsal balls will be provided for each game.
  4. Players can bring their own water, but no water is allowed in the gym.  All water must be kept in the hallway of Boykin.
  5. All games must start on time!!  The clock will start running whether your team is on the court or not.
  6. All games will be 20 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime.  There are no stoppages; it's a running clock for subs and injuries.
  7. Players are not allowed to participate until the proper forms have been submitted.  Director must have a waiver, concussion form, and payment for each player before he/she can participate.
  8. The director will go over all rules and instructions with each team before their first game.  If players are missing from the game, your team is responsible for filling them in.
  9. There will be one referee for each game.  Please keep in mind that this is a fun league and a chance to get some extra, different touches on the ball.  Any referee heckling will not be tolerated.  The director and/or the referee can remove any player or fan if his/her behavior is unruly.
  10. There is no warm-up time provided in the gym.  Teams are responsible for warming up outside before their game time.  Games will start on time!!

General Rules & Information:

  • Teams consist of either 4 or 5 players and 1 goalkeeper depending on age groups.  Rosters are 10 maximum and 8 minimum.
  • The clock for all games will start ON TIME.  There will be no delayed starts.  There will be no stoppages.
  • Games are 2x20 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime.  Games are played with a running clock.
  • U10 & U12 will be played with a size 4 futsal ball.  U14 and up will be played with a size 5 futsal ball.
  • Uniforms ARE NOT provided, but your entire team must be in the same color!!  Pennies will be provided for goalkeepers.
  • All players must wear shin guards and running/indoor shoes.  Goalkeepers must have gloves!
  • All ball re-entries are kick-ins.  Goalkeepers cannot punt.  Free kicks will be awarded for fouls.
  • No practices are allowed due to gymnasium time.  No indoor warm up space provided.